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NBN & Broadband


Telsyte’s NBN & Broadband program provides industry leading coverage of the Australian fixed voice, broadband, data services and subscription television over broadband markets. The program covers consumer and business services, and draws upon Telsyte’s ongoing primary research with ISPs, carriers, vendors and end users. Telsyte’s research is designed to help ISPs and fixed line operators understand and thrive in the emerging National Broadband Network (NBN) ecosystem. Telsyte’s coverage of the NBN is based on over a decade of research into the retail and wholesale fixed line industry. Telsyte was a contributor to the NBN implementation study published in 2009. Telsyte research provides insights into the emerging opportunities in fixed line content delivery and service bundling.

Broadband & fixed line services

Fixed broadband market growth in Australia has slowed to 3.8%, from over 20% in 2007, resulting in increased industry rivalry as participants move to capture subscribers from each other. This trend is further exacerbated by the rollout of the NBN, as there will be an advantage to incumbency when it comes time for customers to move to the new network. In its Australian fixed broadband & voice market research Telsyte considers the current political environment and the activities of the NBN Co to produce technology forecast up until 2017. NBN fibre is set to overtake DSL broadband in a few years, however, if the political climate changes, fibre might only be used by many fewer customers. Telsyte’s research examines all possible scenarios.

Subscription TV over broadband

Telsyte research covers the rise of subscription TV over broadband in Australia with more than 300,000 Australian homes now accessing an IPTV service. This equates to around one in ten subscription TV services currently delivered over broadband. Telsyte has determined the total subscription TV industry in Australia generates around $2.7 billion for service providers. While most of this revenue goes to the two largest operators Foxtel and Austar, there are emerging credible services over broadband such as Telstra’s Tbox and FetchTV that are supplementing the mature satellite and cable markets. These services combined flexible viewing options for FTA along with the ability to stream a selection of channels and access to large libraries of pay-per-view content, including new release movies. Telsyte research provides insights into the consumer and industry trends that are shaping the market including the impact of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

NBN insights and applications

Australia’s National Broadband Network fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) deployment remains largely dependent upon the speed of withdrawal of the existing copper network. Telsyte research investigates the applications of the NBN for consumers and businesses. Telsyte has also developed a scenario-based analysis, pending the outcome of federal elections and how policy updates will impact the NBN roll-out. Telsyte research also surveys consumer and business insights into how the NBN will change the way they access online services. For example, Telsyte found that 85 per survey respondents had a desire to connect to the Internet at 50 mbps and higher, however, most people are reluctant to switch providers with only 5% saying they would definitely change ISPs. NBN Co has entered into a definitive agreement with Telstra to replace the last-mile copper network with fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) so consumers will not have the option of retaining copper access.

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