Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is the replacement of humans with software, to perform repetitive rule-based tasks. When deployed effectively, RPA increases efficiency and productivity whilst reducing errors.
Telsyte’s Robotic Process Automation Study covers the technological trends, spending and usage patterns of RPA and its use for IT transformation and innovation in ANZ organisations.

Coverage areas include:

  • What is driving the uptake of RPA among Australian enterprises?
  • What areas of organisations are most likely to be impacted by and benefit from adopting RPA?
  • How many organisations plan to adopt RPA and the method they prefer?
  • How large organisations differ from smaller organisations in terms of RPA strategies?
  • How different ANZ IT industries spend budget on operations, transformation & innovation?
  • What different stages of RPA adoption ANZ organisations are at?
  • What industries are likley to be impacted by RPA adoption?
  • Methods in consideration by organisations to reduce back office administration operational expenditure?

The Robotic Process Automation Study is for:

  • Business IT leaders delivering strategy presentations
  • RPA vendor strategy and marketing professionals
  • Marketing directors requiring content for campaigns
  • Market insight professionals performing market intelligence
  • PR and marketing professionals looking to maximise their clients’ exposure

The study is produced by Telsyte using primary and secondary research:

  • Telsyte’s ICT decision maker survey
  • Financial reports released by vendors and cloud service providers
  • Interviews conducted with executives from operators, equipment vendors and software partners

In addition, Telsyte analysts conduct ongoing desk and media secondary research to monitor developments across vendors and geographies