Post pc insights

Telsyte’s Post PC program provides clients with in-depth and up-to-the-minute insights on Post-PC technology trends and opportunities.

The Post PC insights program is based on a holistic view of the ecosystem including smartphones, media tablets, wearable technology, accessories, VR, AR and mobile applications.

In addition to unit sales, Telsyte provides a unique ‘audience’ view of Post-PC markets which makes it equally useful for technology vendors, media companies and businesses developing mobile applications. Telsyte insights are also useful for organisations developing mobile advertising and marketing strategies.

The program consists of two streams:

  • Telsyte Australian Smartphone & Wearable Devices Market Study (Bi-annual)
  • Telsyte Australian Media Tablet Market Study (Bi-annual)*
  • Telsyte Australian VR & AR Market Study (Bi-annual)

* includes 2-in1 PCs and notebooks

Key questions answered in this program include:

  • Do Australian’s find low-end devices good enough, and who are using them?
  • What is the size of the ‘gray’ market in Australia (imports, online purchase, overseas purchase) Is it growing and why?
  • Will the gifting market be as big as last year for tablet and smartphones, or will smart watches step up this holiday season?
  • What features are most important to Australians? (e.g. battery life, screen size, cameras, etc)
  • How much will large screen smartphones impact the tablet market?
  • Will VR and smart eye wear take off in Australia?

Telsyte's Post PC program is designed for

  • Marketing and PR professionals in smart device vendors
  • Media companies developing Post PC strategies
  • Business leaders developing mobile applications
  • Market intelligence professionals requiring unique Australian data and insights
  • Telecoms carriers and service providers

In preparing the Post PC program, Telsyte uses the following sources of research:

  • Telsyte’s twice yearly survey of 1000+ Australian consumers 16 years and older
  • Telsyte’s annual Digital Consumer Survey conducted a representative sample of 1,000+ Australian consumers 16 years and older
  • Financial reports released by vendors, mobile carriers and other service providers
  • Interviews conducted with executives from vendors, carriers, retailers and channel partners
  • Ongoing desk research and media monitoring