Digital Marketer Australia & new Zealand

In its fourth edition, The Telsyte Australian & New Zealand Digital Marketer Study is an annual publication that provides unique insights into technology use, preferences and intentions of CMOs and senior marketing professionals. As marketing expenditure on IT has steadily increased, Telsyte has kept business leaders informed of the potential for greater digital marketing possibilities and how this impacts existing IT operations.

In theory, the digitisation of marketing is creating a perfect world, with:

  • A single view of the customer
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Meaningful measurement
  • Scalable marketing processes
  • Real-time reaction to market conditions

In reality, marketers face challenges every step of the way, including:

  • Software silos and duplication
  • Inadequate tools and human resources
  • Agencies, publishers and other partners that struggle to keep up
  • Lack of organisational support
  • Privacy, security and data sovereignty concerns
  • The need to triage all initiatives

Given this tension, software vendors, online publishers and other marketing service providers need to know exactly how far Australia and New Zealand marketers have come in the journey towards marketing perfection.

Key questions that the 2015 Study will answer include:

  • How close are marketers to adopting recognised marketing best practices?
  • Do marketers have the tools, teams and organisational support they need?
  • What software packages are marketers using in their work?
  • Why are marketers buying technology independently of the corporate IT function?
  • How are marketing budgets, teams and KPIs changing?

The Telsyte Australia & New Zealand Digital Marketer Study is for:

  • Product managers within marketing software vendors designing offerings for the local market
  • Marketing leaders within marketing software vendors that need to establish a thought leadership position
  • Research managers within marketing software vendors that need to understand their company’s market position
  • Business leaders within digital media companies that  need to understand and anticipate disruption in their markets

In preparing this report, Telsyte used the following sources of research:

  • Telsyte’s annual Digital Marketer Survey 2015 conducted in July 2015 with a representative sample of 221 Australian and 34 New Zealand marketers in organisations with 100 or more employees
  • Financial reports released by software vendors, online publishers and other marketing service providers
  • Ongoing desk research and media monitoring