Enterprise ICT Program

Telsyte’s Enterprise ICT research program provides market leading insights into the technologies that are re-defining how businesses deploy and manage ICT infrastructure and applications. All market insights are derived from primary research of between 300 and 500 CIOs and IT business decision makers.

Telsyte’s ICT coverage provides vendors, service providers and IT professionals insights into the evolving ICT landscape, including:

  • Telsyte Enterprise Communications Market Study
  • Telsyte Enterprise Software Market Study
  • Telsyte Enterprise Mobility Market Study
  • Telsyte Infrastructure & Cloud Computing Market Study
  • Telsyte Digital Workplace Market Study
  • Telsyte Big Data & Analytics Market Study
  • Telsyte M2M Market Study

From a transformation perspective, organisations are realising that large capital investments in on-premise IT products act as a very expensive hindrance to their growth. Consequently, they are increasingly buying services on a subscription and/or consumption basis using operational expenditure.

Telsyte’s enterprise ICT research proposes innovative strategies for organisations to make businesses more agile and more competitive.

Telsyte’s ICT coverage also provides vendors and carriers insights into the evolving business IT market, including consumer and technology trends.