Telsyte provides this web site for the convenience of persons interested in the products and services offered by Telsyte. By using this site, you agree to the provisions of these Terms of Service. You may print out a copy of these terms for your records if you wish. Telsyte may change these terms of service from time to time in the manner indicated below.

Right to Change Terms of Service

Telsyte reserves the right to change these terms of service. Such change will be effective upon posting on this web site, except that no such change will apply to any purchase already made or consulting services already contracted at the time of such change in terms.

Web Site and Page Copyright

Except as otherwise specifically disclosed, Telsyte owns the Copyright on all of the information, graphics, arrangements of information and content on the various pages of this web site. Such information, graphics, arrangements and content are subject to applicable copyright laws. The software used in connection with the site is owned either by Telsyte or its software suppliers and is subject to protection under applicable copyright laws and may be subject to protection under other laws protecting intellectual property.

Content Copyright

Except as otherwise specifically disclosed, either in the materials to be sold or on this website, Telsyte owns the Copyright on all of the various studies and other materials offered for sale. These materials are protected by applicable copyright laws.

All research reports and paid database accesses are licensed to an individual subscriber.

The subscriber is not permitted to disclose Telsyte research in hard or soft copy format to any additional third parties, and must ensure that any person within the subscriber’s organization who has access to the content of a report abides by the requirements of this Confidentiality undertaking.

Should the subscriber wish to disclose a report or the contents thereof to any person outside the immediate corporate entity of the subscriber, the subscriber shall seek approval in advance from Telsyte and advise Telsyte of the full particulars of the person or persons to whom disclosure is intended to be made.

Depending upon the purchase being made, what is considered to be “fair use” will vary. Telsyte’s allowances for “fair use” of purchased materials are specifically described with respect to each item purchased, and such description is a part of the contract between you and Telsyte, which becomes effective upon making a purchase. The specific terms of the “fair use” applicable to any purchased item may be printed by you at the time of the purchase of the item.


Telsyte encourages its clients to use Telsyte data and market intelligence for internal information and communications purposes. The use of graphics and the quotation of individual sentences and paragraphs in your company’s internal documents and communications does not require permission from Telsyte, but it must provide the following attribution, “Source: Telsyte.”

The use of large portions or the reproduction of Telsyte documents in their entirety requires prior written approval and may involve some financial consideration. For further information please contact Telsyte.

Use Of Purchased Reports

Telsyte recognizes that you will want to make “fair use” of the reports purchased from Telsyte, as such is permitted by applicable copyright law and by your agreement at the time of purchase. Since it may be difficult to determine “fair use” with respect to electronic copies, Telsyte has stated purchase prices and use allowances depending upon the purchased format of any specific report.

All Telsyte content is licensed to the subscriber for internal uses only. The subscriber may not package, include, or incorporate Telsyte content as part of any commercial offering and may not utilize Telsyte content for any efforts, activities or deliverables outside the client organization.

1) Hard Copy

Subject to the above, use can be made of any hard copy purchased as permitted by applicable copyright laws.

2) PDF-based Corporate Site License

By purchasing a Corporate Site License PDF version of a Telsyte research report, this research is available to every employee of your company worldwide, and may be placed on a corporate Intranet.