Digital Economy

Telsyte’s Digital Economy research program provides in-depth coverage of the emerging opportunities in the Australian digital marketing, retail, eCommerce and home automation sectors.

Coverage is focused on the fast-growing, transactional revenues generated through digital retail and the delivery of digital products and services and the strategic project and product revenues associated with the transition from standard homes to smart home automation.

  • Telsyte Australian eCommerce Study
  • Telsyte Australian Digital Goods and Subscriptions Study
  • Telsyte Australian Group Buying study
  • Telsyte Australian Digital Marketer study
  • Telsyte Australian Smart Home Automation study

Telsyte’s Digital Economy research program is useful for senior marketing professionals, digital publishers, online service providers, home automation product and service providers and venture & investment firms.

Telsyte has developed the most comprehensive database of group buying deals in Australia, with over 55,000 deals captured from over 80 sites to date. Deal data is aggregated to form a view on the market. Telsyte has been auditing site data through a series of interviews with group buying sites and merchants, confirming deals closed and capturing other information such as average breakage rates and margins.

The Digital Goods and Subscriptions program is based on a research of Australians aged 16 to 85. The research is also conducted with pioneers of the local digital content industry.

Telsyte’s Digital Retail study covers 18 categories – from consumer electronics, event tickets, clothing and footwear to Travel – with insights into current eCommerce readiness, purchasing demographics, percentage of category buyers purchasing online and competitive landscapes.