Digital consumer study

Australian consumers have traditionally been early adopters of new technologies. For businesses selling products or services to these consumers, understanding their technology usage and preferences has never been more challenging to stay on top of considering the speed of change. 

Published since 2008, Telsyte’s Australian Digital Consumer Study has been carefully constructed to help companies acquire the most up-to-the-minute intelligence on the state of technology use in Australia. The study brings together the collective knowledge of our dedicated industry analysts, our proprietary databases and our comprehensive 120 minute annual survey of over 1,000 Australian consumers.

Telsyte's digital consumer study covers:

  • Adoption and 4 year forecast of personal technologies (e.g. smartphones, computers, tablets, smartwatches, smart wristbands, eBook readers, etc) 
  • Adoption and 4 year forecast of household technologies (e.g. broadband, Pay TV, gaming consoles, 3d printers, smart TVs, set top boxes, etc)
  • Post PC device preferences and intentions
  • Wearable technology preferences and intentions
  • NBN and broadband
  • Mobile services
  • Digital video, Pay TV, Streaming video, television (including catch-up)
  • Digital news and advertising
  • Mobile applications
  • eCommerce and mobile commerce
  • Digital goods, services and subscriptions
  • Interactive games and gaming
  • Consumer cloud and online security
  • Attitudes to lifestyle and technology

Subscribers find this research valuable for their:

  • Internal planning cycles
  • Emerging technology market intelligence programs
  • Testing go-to-market product strategies
  • External communications
  • Executive education programs
  • Demographic and psychographic cross tabulation and analysis by over 1500 tech, digital media and telcoms products