Internet of Things @ Home

The Internet of Things (IoT) at home will be worth approximately $3.2 billion in Australia by 2019, as smart home automation adoption climbs a technology adoption s-curve much like the ones that previously turned the Internet, mobile phones and television into everyday things.

The Telsyte's IoT @ Home market study covers five segments:

  • Smart energy, including smart energy sensors, power points and light bulbs
  • Smart security, including smart alarms, cameras, sensors and locks
  • Smart lifestyle, from smart appliances through to smart gardening
  • Smart hubs, designed to connect and control all parts of a smart home
  • Smart services, including installation, managed services and cloud services

Vendors from every point in the value chain are staking their claim on this market. Manufacturers, retailers, ISPs, utilities, electricians, consultants and software-as-a-service providers all need to understand what IoT@Home customers expect of them and where they sit in this fast-changing competitive landscape.

The Telsyte Australian IoT @ Home Market Study is an annual publication reporting on smart home automation industry and consumer trends. Key questions that the 2015 Study answers include:

  • How will the rise of the IoT @ home transform smart home automation?
  • How large is the IoT @ home market opportunity in Australia?
  • How large are the various segments of the IoT @ home market in Australia?
  • How will the IoT @ home market grow in Australia through to 2019?
  • How do each of the major telcos and utilities compare in terms of their customers’ willingness to invest in smart home automation?
  • What are some of the underlying growth drivers for each segment of the market?

The Telsyte Australian IoT @ Home Market Study is for:

  • Product managers within utilities and telcos that are designing smart home automation product/service bundles
  • Marketing leaders within hardware and software providers that need thought leadership content for their brands
  • Business leaders within the traditional security providers and other firms that will be disrupted by the rise of the Internet of Things
  • Any anyone tasked with making strategic decisions about supplying products and services to the Australian IoT @ Home market

In preparing this study, Telsyte used the following sources of research:

  • Telsyte’s annual Digital Consumer Survey conducted a representative sample of 1,200+ Australian consumers 16 years and older
  • Financial reports released by vendors, mobile carriers and other service providers
  • Interviews conducted with executives from vendors, carriers and channel partners
  • Ongoing desk research and media monitoring