Digital Nation

Digital Nation, third edition

Telsyte has continued the success of Digital Nation with a third edition in 2014. Since we published the second edition, technology has rapidly advanced and Australia is becoming more of a digital nation by the day.

We are a nation of smartphone fanatics and increasingly we are shifting our habits from desktop computers to mobile devices like tablets.

More than 12 million of us use Facebook regularly and collectively we spent at least $20 billion on goods purchased online in 2013. Combined with the fastest 4G networks in the world, Australians have the means and the platforms to take advantage of the benefits of technology like never before.
Accordingly, our attitudes towards technology are also changing. We are more at home online, but at the same time we are increasingly worried about the pitfalls of technology, including issues around privacy and being tracked on our devices.

With many new devices, including wearables, coming to Australia this year, Digital Nation looks at how Australians are going to take on this new wave of technology in 2014 and beyond. The applications for wearables look promising, both in our personal lives but especially at work where the productivity benefits can be demonstrated.

This year we will also see how the change of government will impact National Broadband Network coverage, with the immediate decision to create a hybrid network of fibre, copper and satellite.
An exciting development for the third edition is the introduction of a complete business section titled Digital at Work.

As more of our personal technology is used for business with BYO-IT (not just devices, but apps too) and more business applications become accessible to consumers, Australians are in the middle of a work-life balance revolution. Digital Nation looks at how the workplace is transforming to be more accommodating – and productive – for our increasingly technology-enabled workforce.

Digital Nation, third edition, is available for purchase as a printed hardcover book or as an ebook.